Base camp: a place to live and to bed down for the night

Intended for applications as diverse as classrooms, hospitals, refectories or offices, the Spaciotempo base camp Spaciotempo can come with either temporary or permanent cladding. Designed to respond to the challenges faced when dealing with an emergency situation or for installation on sites that are difficult to access, the Spaciotempo base camp offers the following advantages : speed of installation, simple assembly, which can be carried out by your teams and the resistance of the metallic structure to climatic loads, thus ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel.

Achat base vie– structure démontable

The Spaciotempo base camp has been developed with a view to enabling soldiers to build themselves a building that satisfies demanding criteria with regard to comfort and equipment. Training courses on the construction of buildings that can be deployed on-site on overseas operations are regularly organised by Spaciotempo so that your teams can be operational from the moment they arrive. Easily stockable and transferable, the base camp is a removable metallic structure designed for regular relocation.

Spaciotempo constructeur de bâtiment démontable

Developped to satisfy all of your needs with regard to living space and accommodation for up and coming private companies within the hydrocarbon or mineral extraction or the construction sector, the Spaciotempo base camp rises to the challenges involved in carrying out remote works with regard to comfort, safety and assembly times.


The Spaciotempo base camp is particularly well-suited for long-term projects that require a living space and accommodation facilities, which can be built quickly, on all types of ground, the framework of which is dimensioned so as resistant to local climatic loads and that offers a high level of comfort.



So you have suffered damage to your building or perhaps renovation work is about to commence. You are looking for temporary or permanent solution in order that the school year is not disrupted. On either a hire or sale basis, Spaciotempo offers you the chance to build temporary or permanent buildings within a reduced time frame, and with a wide range of possible applications: classrooms, covered playgrounds, training workshops, gymnasiums,… The metallic structures from Spaciotempo have been designed so as to comply with standards regarding establishments that are open to the public and thus ensure optimal safety for all users.

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  • Achat base vie– structure démontable
    Base camp
    As a military, construction or humanitarian base camp, a class room, hospital, refectory, Spaciotempo base camps are intended as living spaces that are built on sites that are difficult to access, with elevated climatic loads.


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