Spaciotempo indoor market

Enable your retail centre to continue doing business during prolonged renovation work, or during the dismantling of your indoor market.

Spaciotempo indoor markets have been developed to meet the challenges faced by this type of structure with regard to security, flexibility, modularity and ease of use.

In full compliance with the ERP standards regarding safety and fire regulations, Spaciotempo indoor markets also comply with traditional construction standards concerning climatic loads.

The removable construction process used by Spaciotempo means that you enjoy the benefits of a rented metallic structure, the dimensions of which can evolve in keeping with your needs.

The indoor markets by Spaciotempo have been designed with the goal of optimising space and ease of access (40 metres free span and 10 metres tall).

There are several different layout options:

  • A pressed roof to limit the effects of condensation and to provide thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • A translucent roof to enable the use of zenithal lighting, or directional lighting so as to show off the stalls in their best light.
  • Fitting of an embossed drip edge to reinforce the seal and to avoid any risk of water penetration.

Creation of a retail centre

Location marché couvert

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Indoor market rent

Location structure métallique

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  • Location structure métallique
    Temporary shop or indoor market following an accident or during the renovation of your building. Ease of use and safe for your customers. Logistics platform rental or purchase: goods inspection area, loading dock…


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