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Spaciotempo designs, produces and constructs removable structures ranging from events venues over several levels to a reception tent, including the rental of a marquee or instant structure for events.

Whether you need an exhibition centre, a reception area, a showroom, a tent or a pagoda, as part of the GL Events group, Spaciotempo provides removable structures for regional, national and international events. A subsidiary of GL Events, Spaciotempo benefits from the group's high level of expertise in the field of corporate, cultural and sporting events.

Parc expo intérieur

Following an accident or in the case of renovation work,  Spaciotempo designs, produces and builds temporary exhibition centres that guarantee that you can continue running events such as shows, trade fairs, conferences or exhibitions. Removable structures that combine design and comfort, with a view to accommodating the public and exhibitors in optimal conditions: noise and thermal insulation, no internal pillars, bright and airy. The construction process used guarantees complete security, as the temporary events buildings by Spaciotempo comply with the standards in force in France regarding establishments open to the public (Etablissements Recevant du Public, ERP) as well as traditional construction standards regarding climatic loads.

Espace réceptif

So you want to create a high quality reception space (lounge space, seminar or conference room).  Ranging from 5 to 50 metres free span, in a range of different geometric forms, the removable structures from Spaciotempo allow you to welcome your customers in a setting with optimal safety and comfort. The translucent quality of the membrane and the option to install laminated glass panels mean that you can enjoy the benefits of zenithal lighting and welcome your customers into a bright, well-lit building. The events buildings from Spaciotempo comply with the standards in force with regard to establishments open to the public.


Construction showroom

So you want to create a temporary or permanent showroom. Spaciotempo produces  and sells removable structures combining design and ease of use, so that you can show off your products in their best light. Installation of bay windows, flooring, insulation and condensation prevention are among the features offered in the removable structures from Spaciotempo.

Barnum – structure métallique

So you are looking for removable structures within the scope of the organisation of your town's Christmas market, a music festival, a trade fair or junk sale… Spaciotempo offers a wide range of stands, pagodas and tents both to community-based associations and to local government organisations. Combining security, aesthetics and comfort, the removable structures from Spaciotempo can be installed simply and quickly, whether in an urban or a rural setting.

Our products Events

  • Bâtiment démontable
    Dedicated events buildings ranging from 5 to 50 metres free span. Various roof shapes. An elegant structure designed to facilitate the installations required for a successful event. Check out the Absolute video.
  • Location tente événementielle
    Eventia Tents and Pagodas
    Events tents from 6 to 15 metres long. Pagodas measuring from 3x3 m to 10x10 m. CTS-approved. Lighting - Heating - Air conditioning - Custom colours - Digital printing - Interior fittings.
  • Espace réceptif
    Eventia Events
    Professional marquee to rent, intended for short-term events. Compliant with the standards associated with establishments that are open to the public. Lighting – Heating – Flooring – Interior fittings – Custom colours


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