Financing solutions

Rental of removable buildings

Spaciotempo offers the option of renting a building. You thus have the assurance of a financial burden that is in keeping with your level of business, which can fluctuate up or down throughout the rental term based on the size and the level of equipment of your new building.

Building rental allows you to record your property as an expense deductible from your operating costs, rather than as an investment expense. You thus retain your investment capacity and the performance of your assets.

The rental of removable buildings offers the following advantages:

  • No locking up of your capital
  • Reduction in your own equity costs
  • No need to draw on credit lines, thus boosting productive investment

Based on the development of your business, you can vary the size and equipment level of your building allowing you to continually adapt to the actual required use.

Financial leasing of removable buildings

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Purchase of removable buildings

Spaciotempo, a manufacturer of removable structures, designs, produces and constructs buildings that are compliant with the NV 65 regulations, ranging from 5 to 40 metres free span and from 3 to 8 metres tall at the lowest point of the building.

Become the owner of your removable building and continue reaping the benefit of Spaciotempo modular structures, enabling you to alter both the dimensions and the level of equipment of your structure based on the challenges encountered by your business.