Spaciotempo removable warehouse

Decide in favour of the rental of a removable warehouse in which to carry out your maintenance operations.

Build a temporary building by Spaciotempo in which to take care of your stock or your machinery and you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a removable warehouse :

  • rapid construction
  • resistant to any adverse weather conditions in your region
  • bright and airy on account of the installation of a translucent cover

The construction process used by Spaciotempo does not require heavy foundations and allows you to anchor your removable warehouse on tarmac or a concrete slab surface. The lack of civil engineering work required results in a low overall cost for your maintenance workshop, and also means that the building is ready for use within a short period of time and the environmental impact of the construction of your structure is minimised.

Spaciotempo maintenance buildings are particularly well suited as a means of housing vehicle repair areas, especially if you opt for the construction of open or semi-open (canopy) warehouses.

The ability to install doors that have been adapted to accommodate vehicles such as aeroplanes or helicopters means that Spaciotempo metallic structures can be used as workshops that are specially adapted for the aeronautics sector.

Contact the sales rep for your region to discuss the challenges posed by your project.

Aeronautical maintenance area

Should you require further information, your sales rep is available to help.

Machine maintenance area

Location chapiteau industriel

Should you require further information, your sales rep is available to help.

Vehicle maintenance area

Entrepôt industriel – Structure métallique

Should you require further information, your sales rep is available to help.

Our products Maintenance area

  • Abri de stockage
    Mobicover is an industrial shelter tailored for medium-scale projects of a limited duration. Supplied with an assembly manual, you can assemble your Mobicover within a short period of time with a view to protecting your equipment and your teams from adverse weather conditions.
  • Bâtiment industriel démontable neivalu industrie
    Neivalu industry
    Industrial building with a free span area measuring from 5 metres to 40 metres, and measuring from 3 to 8 metres in height at the lowest point. Rental or purchase of removable buildings intended for production, maintenance or storage operations.
  • Chapiteau industriel
    Eventia - Industry
    Industrial marquee intended for short to medium-term projects, of moderate technical difficulty. Rapid assembly, with a simplified foundation system for anchoring to several different types of soil.


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