Achat base vie– structure démontable
Simple to assemble and quick to install, our temporary structures facilitate your short or long-term projects through the provision of a living space.
Available for rental or sale, Spaciotempo industrial buildings feature a high-resistance membrane cover. Discover the advantages of our roofs with a view to best fulfilling your temporary surface-related needs.
Location structure stockage

Spaciotempo, a designer, manufacturer and builder of removable buildings, considers the safety of personnel to be of top priority, ahead of all other considerations, and this is the case right throughout the long process from the project design phase through to the performance of services on-site. The provisions specified are mandatory and apply to all Spaciotempo staff and to sub-contractors.

Entrepôt stockage

Working on behalf of a player within the plastics industry, Spaciotempo has built a storage building de spanning 1000 m² in just five days..

The challenges of this project included:

Bâtiment temporaire

Spaciotempo offers schools, colleges and universities affordable solutions for temporary buildings with a view to ensuring that classes can take place within pleasant conditions during renovation work.