The base camp, a transportable and durable building

Accommodation, offices, and also a canteen, Spaciotempo provides players within the defence and humanitarian sector with living spaces that are durable and easily transportable.

The base camp by Spaciotempo has been developed to enable military personnel to a setting that is thoroughly comfortable, modular, and compliant with climate-related requirements and constraints, but also with security and logistics requirements.In fact, all of our modular structures are easily storable and transportable.

For Peter Moisan, R&D Manager, the military base camp is without question one of Spaciotempo's most noteworthy projects : "We are proud to have won the tender within a market that we had not previously been involved in, and in which our competition had been present for several years. We really started from nothing and managed to produce an initial prototype after just a few months. This serves as an indication of the willingness that we all share when it comes to overcoming challenges."

When compared with a classic modular building, the Base Camp is lighter and more compact when packed up, which guarantees ease of delivery to sites that are difficult to access. Our removable structures feature a wide range of equipment (sanitary installations, a dining hall, changing facilities etc.) and have been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions: winds of 175 km/h, heavy snowfall and considerable heat.

Do you have a short or long-term project that requires a living space ? Then do not hesitate to contact our teams, who will make a suggestion as to the solution that is best suited for your needs.