Removable buildings: our roofing membranes

A simple or pressed roof, opaque or translucent… Spaciotempo has developed various covering solutions with a view to satisfying all of your temporary surface-related requirements. Let's take a closer look at the many advantages of our roofs :

Materials combining quality and durability

Consisting of an aluminium frame and a membrane covering made from high-resistance PVC, your Spaciotempo industrial warehouse does not require any specific maintenance and offers a long service life. For in actual fact, to say removable building does not necessarily mean to say temporary. 

Optimal acoustic comfort and thermal insulation

For instance, to ensure the optimal protection of merchandise, the Spaciotempo storage warehouses make use of a pressed roof process with a view to avoiding the effects of condensation. What's more, the installation of this pressed membrane also enables the reduction of the phenomena of resonance associated with climatic events or ,any other types of noise pollution with a view to delivering optimal acoustic comfort. 

Natural light : a source of energy-savings

Owing to the fact that it is covered by a translucent membrane, natural light penetrates directly into your building, meaning that you benefit from optimal zenithal lighting. This natural light allows you to keep the daytime use of light fixtures to a minimum.

As such, whether it is for storing merchandise, covering a tennis court or even setting up a temporary marketplace, our transparent membrane coverings guarantee perfect visual comfort while contributing to energy savings.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our design department who will suggest the solution that is best suited for you, based on the issues at hand and the characteristics of your environment.