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Albert 1st modular ice rink

Sport - Sports complex - Creation of sports complexes
The city of Reims called on Spaciotempo to create its new ice rink. Responsiveness, flexibility and a modular design are the key features of this ambitious project. Built in record time, this temporary structure is entirely modular, thus enabling the city to allow for potential future expansion.

Storage building - Veolia Propreté

Industry - Storage building
Following the implementation of the "REP Ameublement" (Extended Producer Responsibility regulation governing furnishings) by the government, Spaciotempo hired out a Neivalu canopy to Veolia, spanning 700 m² and at a height of 8 metres at the lowest point, for a duration of 24 hours.
Achat base vie– structure démontable

Base camp - SID

Defence - Military base camp
Managing the entire value chain, Spaciotempo offers durable and easily transportable living spaces for players within the defence or humanitarian sectors.
Surface de vente temporaire Spaciotempo

Temporary sales area - M&S

Distribution - Temporary retail space
Following the commencement of renovation work, Spaciotempo installed a temporary sales area within a short time frame, enabling Marks and Spencer to avoid loosing its catchment area.
Entrepôt de production temporaire

Production area - L’Atelier

Industry - Production area
Spaciotempo built a production area that is compliant with the standards relating to establishments that are open to the public, relating to climatic loads and those imposed by the French Labour Code, within a period of 3 weeks.
Spaciotempo concepteur de bâtiment démontable

Reception space - Beijing Olympic Games

Events - Reception space
Managing the entire value chain, Spaciotempo designed structures capable of resisting winds of more than 220 Km/h. Discover our dedicated events solutions.
Couverture terrain tennis

Sports complex - Center Parcs

Sport - Sports complex
Exceptionally bright, rapid construction, respect for the environment and acoustic and thermal comfort are among the advantages that Center Parcs enjoyed with the solutions from Spaciotempo.
Hangar industriel

Logistics platform - Transports Migeon

Industry - Logistics platform
Creation of an on-site logistics platform featuring 10-metre spans on the long sides, with a view to enabling the optimisation of logistics flows.
Spaciotempo constructeur de bâtiment démontable

Maintenance area - London Underground

Industry - Maintenance area
The rapid assembly of a maintenance workshop spanning almost 2000 m² enabled the realisation of technical operations in record time.
Construction showroom

Showroom - Land Rover

Events - Showroom
Rental of a showroom in England on behalf of Land Rover, during the renovation of the existing building. Installation of bay windows, flooring…
Construction boulodrome couvert

Indoor bowls court - Cesson Sévigné

Sport - Bowls court
Construction of an indoor bowls court spanning 1,200 m², extremely bright on account of the translucent roof so as to enable the playing of bowls (pétanque) throughout the year.
Parc d’exposition démontable

Exhibition Centre - Barcelona

Events - Exhibition centre
Rental of 15,000 m² of exhibition space in Barcelona, for 5 months. Discover our solutions in that area of thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as with regard to personalisation.
Construction gymnase

Gymnasium - Lyon la Duchère

Sport - Gymnasium
Following the renovation of the existing gymnasium, Spaciotempo built a temporary sports complex with a playing area spanning of 1,500 m² and 450 m² of changing room space…
Location bâtiment temporaire

Construction of a temporary store for Super U

Distribution - Temporary store
Following damage or during renovation, the rental of a temporary store enables you to recommence business within a short period of time, and to avoid losing your catchment area.
Couverture terrain tennis

Tennis court covering - Morsang-sur-Orge

Sport - Tennis court covering
The covering of tennis courts within a reduced time frame thanks to the construction of two adjoined polygonal structures spanning 1,300 m². Brightness, security, playing comfort - discover the solutions from Spaciotempo.
Location marché couvert

Indoor market - Town of Chambéry

Distribution - Indoor market
This new construction enables the town of Chambéry to continue its trading activities and to preserve its social and economic fabric.
Hangar de stockage

Storage building - Port of Rouen

Industry - Storage building
Prevention of condensation, and solutions in the area of waterproofing and insulation are among the benefits offered to this company, who wanted to shelter wood.
Bâtiment industriel démontable neivalu industrie

Storage building - Renault Alpine

Industry - Storage building
A storage building measuring 40 metres free span, resistant to the climatic loads associated with an area close to the sea, with a 36-month rental term. Discover the benefits that Spaciotempo solutions are offering Renault Alpine.