The top of the range events building

Absolute is a removable structure tailored to overcome the challenges faced in the world of event and in particular when it comes to the creation of reception spaces. By design, Absolute meets expectations involved when planning top-quality events :

  • The anodisation of the profiles, which contributes to reinforcing the visual signature of the building.
  • The connecting elements, which are not visible.
  • The option to choose from various different roof shapes.
  • The multitude of ways to personalise the structure depending on the requirements of your event.

The flexibility regarding layout

Absolute is an events building designed to facilitate the installation of the accessories required in order to run a successful events operation. The FIDS system (Fully Integrated Decoration System) avoids you having to install secondary framework, thus providing complete flexibility in terms of interior layout. Absolute is an innovative structure on account of the fact that the footprint associated with certain metallic components has been reduced as much as possible with a view  to providing you with optimal usable space.

Acoustic and thermal comfort

The phenomena of resonance associated with climatic events and any other types of noise pollution have been considerably reduced through the installation of numerous pieces of equipment meaning that you benefit from an events building with guaranteed acoustic comfort.

The design of a unique fabric tensioning and integrated guttering system ensure that your structure is waterproof and optimise the energy efficiency of your events building.



Creation of reception spaces

Absolute is an events building that is tailored for the creation of high-quality reception spaces for your seminars, conferences, business meetings and sporting events.

Ease of assembly, framework adapted for the installation of event-related accessories, acoustic and thermal comfort are among the many advantages offered by the Absolute removable structure.

In compliance with the standards in force regarding establishments that are open to the public, Absolute allows you to expand your dedicated events organisation space, with a short construction time. 

 Events buildings available to purchase

Spaciotempo, as a manufacturer of events buildings, designs, produces and builds removable structures that comply with the standards regarding establishments that are open to the public, ranging from 5 to 50 metres free span. Enlarge your dedicated events operations spaces with short construction times and enjoy a structure that provides your customers with safety and comfort.


General description

Absolute consists of an aluminium framework and a roof that is available in varying forms (eclipse, pavilion, plateau).
Two types of cladding can be installed on the Absolute : trendy and sunshine.
The free span surface area of the Absolute events building, which features a modular design that can be extended at increments of 5 metres, measures from 5 to 50 metres
The height at the sides in 3 or 4 metres.


In order to meet your requirements with regard to safety, reception comfort and compliance with regulations and standards, Absolute has been developed to accommodate a wide range of equipment and solutions with regard to :

  • Anchoring
  • The covering of the façades
  • The installation of event-related accessories
  • Flooring
  • Waterproofing
  • Electricity

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