Base camp: ensuring the comfort and security of personnel

Our removable structures can be easily assembled and disassembled. Once trained by our fitters, your staff will be able to assemble the removable building themselves.

The base camp is a temporary structure that has been designed to withstand winds of 175 km/h and region 3 snow loads. Our removable buildings come with decennial liability insurance.
They also offer simplified logistics that allow for rapid installation with just a few tools and minimal equipment. The construction of this type of removable building is particularly well suited for instances when your installation site is difficult to access.
Unlike a modular building, the base camp is light and compact when packaged, which ensures simple delivery to sites that are difficult to access.

The temporary structures can be joined together to form large-scale complexes.They also allow for extensions to be added onto existing buildings.
The design of the interior and exterior walls, the flooring and the roofs enables the effective thermal and acoustic insulation of the Base Camp.
Removable structures used as somewhere to rest and lodge for the night, the Base Camp boast a wide range of equipment in terms of security, lighting, temperature and humidity control, cooking equipment, sanitary installations...
The Base Camp was designed as a temporary structure that satisfies your expectations of a living space.


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