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Consisting of aluminium profiles and a high-resistance polyester membrane, a Spaciotempo temporary or permanent building, whereby the dimensioning of the framework depends on the climatic loads in your region, is built on your site by means of bolted assembly, thus avoiding all vibration.

Whether a temporary or permanent building, Spaciotempo constructions are specifically designed for very quick installation and to provide a long-term enclosure with low maintenance costs. Flexible in terms of dimensions, easily removable, a Spaciotempo industrial building - available for rental or sale - represents an economic solution. 

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Achat base vie– structure démontable

Base camp

Defence - Military base camp - Construction site base camp - Humanitarian base camp - Classroom
Base camp
As a military, construction or humanitarian base camp, a class room, hospital, refectory, Spaciotempo base camps are intended as living spaces that are built on sites that are difficult to access, with elevated climatic loads.