Rapid construction

So you want to create a retail space in your car park or perhaps you are experiencing a seasonal peak in business, Spaciotempo hires removable marquees intended for major retailers.

The construction process used by Spaciotempo relies on an anchoring system using steel rods or pegs. This does not require heavy foundations and allows you to begin using your professional marquee within a reduced time frame.

Guaranteed safety for your customers and your merchandise

The removable marquees within the Eventia distribution range are compliant with CTS French standard (Chapiteaux Tentes Structures = Marquees Tents Structures). The rental of a professional marquee by Spaciotempo allows you to host your customers in optimal safety and comfort conditions.



Car park-based retail

The rental of a professional marquee by Spaciotempo is particularly well-suited for car park retail for the following reasons :

  • Rapid assembly
  • Compliance with the standards in force
  • high-quality materials offered

Storage: protect your teams and your equipment

Covering pallets of merchandise, servicing equipment etc. really is a must.

Ranging from 10 to 20 m free span and from 3 to 4 metres tall at the sides, the Eventia removable marquee provides a temporary solution for sheltering your stock, over an area of several hundred or thousand square metres. 

Short-term rental : flexibility and responsiveness

So you want to create a temporary retail space or to adapt your storage space in keeping with the development of your business, with the short-term rental of removable marquees, Spaciotempo offers flexible enclosure solutions. 

General description

The Eventia removable marquee consists of an aluminium frame that is dimensioned in accordance with the CTS standard.
The façades can be exposed or clad with a membrane.
The free span of the Eventia, which can be extended on a modular basis by increments of 5 metres, measures between 10 and 20 metres.
The height at the sides measures 3 or 4 metres.


The following equipment can be added to the Eventia basic package :

  • Single skin cladding
  • Lighting
  • Sliding door
  • Flooring

For a detailed analysis of your needs, please contact the sales rep for your region.


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