A comfortable playing environment

So you want to cover over tennis courts, football pitches or bowls courts, to allow you to play these sports throughout the year? The sports complexes by Spaciotempo have been developed with the goal of creating a comfortable playing environment :

  • A selection of different frame geometries, adapted to suit the layout of the court/pitch.
  • The translucent properties of the membrane means that you benefit from zenithal lighting, and make your building really bright and airy.
  • The acoustic comfort is reinforced by the installation of a pressed membrane, thus preventing any flapping.
  • Thermal comfort is guaranteed by means of the installation of certain pieces of equipment to provide insulation and heating.
  • Safety is ensured in conjunction with compliance with traditional construction standards, with regard to climatic loads.

Rapid construction

So you have suffered an accident and wish to rent a substitute sporting facility while your renovation work is carried out, or perhaps you wish to purchase a structure within as short a period of time as possible.

Spaciotempo designs produces and builds sports complexes using light and simplified foundations, thus guaranteeing that the lead time for the commissioning of your structure will be two to four times shorter than with traditional construction. Covered by decennial liability insurance, Spaciotempo buildings comply with the safety standards associated with establishments that are open to the public, as well as those referring to any adverse weather conditions in your region.


Respect for the environment

Whether it's the covering of tennis courts, bowls courts, gymnasiums or sports complexes, Spaciotempo employs an eco-construction process, which has a limited impact on the environment :

  • The aluminium can be re-used an infinite number of times.
  • The membranes of the coverings are recyclable.
  • The ecological footprint is reduced, in particular thanks to the limited construction time and the foundation system using less concrete.


Covering of tennis courts

So you want to cover existing tennis courts without damaging the courts or to create an indoor tennis court in order to be able to play tennis in optimal playing conditions throughout the year. Spaciotempo will assist you in your projects for the covering of tennis courts, from the realisation of the covered enclosure to the drafting your general corporate mandate. The construction process, which relies on a simplified foundation system, will allow you to cover your tennis courts in a much shorter period of time. The sports complexes by Spaciotempo comply with the standards in force regarding establishments that are open to the public and are covered by decennial liability insurance. 


Bowls court

So you want to cover over your bowls court so as to allow the associations or clubs to play throughout the year. The construction of a Spaciotempo bowls court means that you can rent or purchase a space capable of accommodating a club house, various levels, bathrooms and grandstand seating etc, and then install it within the shortest period of time. You can customise and cover the façades of your building thanks to the various equipment options : a PVC membrane, wood cladding, double-skin cladding, polycarbonate etc. Thus, the architectural integration of your bowls court within its surroundings is enhanced.



The sports complexes by Spaciotempo have been designed to respond to emergency situations.  they can be installed on a temporary basis in the event of an accident or during the renovation of your gymnasium. Covered by decennial liability insurance, the Spaciotempo sports infrastructures have been developed  for permanent use in the case of the creation of a new gym or the replacement of your old one. The construction process used by Spaciotempo whereby the anchoring system only requires light foundations means that you get the benefit of a sports complex that can be dismantled if desired,  incurs low civil engineering costs and requires a reduced construction time.


Sports complex

So you want to build a sports complex that can accommodate : indoor football, a swimming pool, paddle tennis, a weight room... Spaciotempo buildings have been developed with the aim of offering optimal playing comfort : zenithal lighting in conjunction with the translucent properties of the covering, comfortable acoustic and thermal properties, condensation prevention and a range of different framework geometries. Spaciotempo builds Qualisport-certified buildings that are covered by decennial liability insurance.


Sports complexes available to purchase

Spaciotempo, as a manufacturer of sports complexes, designs, produces and builds structures that comply with the standards regarding establishments that are open to the public, as well as the NV 65 regulations, ranging from 5 to 40 metres free span and from 3 to 8 metres tall at the sides. Spaciotempo, a manufacturer of permanent sports facilities, makes it possible for you to acquire a building within a reduced period of time, thus allowing you to cover your tennis courts, bowls courts, swimming pool etc.

Short or long-term rental

With rental terms for sports complexes ranging from 3 to 48 months, Spaciotempo offers you the ability to continue playing the sports that are normally on offer during renovation work or following an accident. 

General description

Neivalu consists of an aluminium frame dimensioned in accordance with NV 65 regulations and features a double sloping, polygonal or curved roof. 
The façades can be exposed or clad (PVC membrane, wood cladding, double-skin cladding etc).
The free span of the Neivalu sports complex, which can be extended modularly at increments of 5 metres, measures from 5 to 40 metres.
The height at the lowest point of the building can range from a minimum of 3 metres to a maximum of 8.


Possible configurations

Build one or more Neivalu
Join two  Neivalu together
Join a Neivalu to an existing building



In order to meet your requirements with regard to safety, playing comfort and compliance with regulations and standards, Neivalu has been developed to accommodate a wide range of equipment and solutions with regard to :

  • Anchoring
  • Insulation
  • Doors
  • External carpentry work
  • Waterproofing
  • Electricity
  • The club house
  • Grandstand seating
  • The sanitary facilities


For a detailed analysis of your needs, please contact the sales rep for your region.


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