Spaciotempo enables you to benefit from enclosure solutions that are compliant with the standards relating to Quality, Safety and the Environment.

Surpassing the requirements of standards specific to temporary structures, Spaciotempo pays particular attention to the construction of its buildings. The assembly technicians are trained, equipped and able to safely intervene under the ideal conditions and in compliance with installation standards.

Finally, our environmental approach means that we only use recyclable materials for our structures.


Maintaining the quality of the removable buildings is a central tenet of the corporate strategy, which applies right from the design phase, with two main points of focus: safety (application of the standards in force in the various countries in which the company operates) and impact on the environment (eco-design and HQE).

Based on the markets in which it is operating, Spaciotempo attempts to acquire the necessary authorisations and certifications, such as Qualisport in France or "BS6399 Part 1to3" in England (English standards governing resistance to snow and wind for buildings), for example.


Spaciotempo considers the objective of ensuring the safety of personnel to be of the utmost priority, before all other considerations, and this applies throughout the process from marketing to the execution of services on-site. The provisions stipulated are mandatory and apply to Spaciotempo staff and to sub-contractors.

Vehicles: vehicles, whether those provided to sales staff or technical staff must be modern, serviced on a regular basis and must provide a level of comfort and equipment that is in keeping with their conditions of use.

Construction site: Spaciotempo operates a zero tolerance policy when it comes to safety and includes the use of aerial lifts and lifting platforms for work at height, handling machines for loading/unloading operations, the wearing of PPE by staff, safety lines, protective nets, …

Training: the staff of sub-contractors shall be trained in the assembly of the buildings by Spaciotempo during training sessions and shall endeavour to display safety signs as per the contract.


Infinitely recyclable aluminium

Aluminium, the basic material used to make the components, was selected based on its capacity to be reused or recycled. On account of aluminium being infinitely recyclable without the loss of its chemical and physical properties, its recycling offers key advantages:

  • it enables important resource savings,
  • it only uses 5% of the energy required for primary production,
  • it emits 95% less greenhouse gas.

Texyloop® range

The roofing membranes, another essential component of Spaciotempo buildings, are also recyclable (patent registered by our supplier: Texyloop®).

The Texyloop® solution: by producing raw materials from recycled products, Texyloop® avoids the extraction and production of virgin raw materials.  In this way, recycling reduces the environmental impact.

Reducing the ecological footprint

The metal and textile-based construction process enables the considerable reduction of the construction time and thus reduces the use of construction machinery.
The weight of the components (aluminium, membranes) reduces the power of the handling and assembly machinery.
On account of the low load lowering requirements, the building requires a lightweight foundation system enabling the limitation of the use of concrete.
The materials used for the structural work (aluminium frame, roofing membrane) are resistant to corrosion, which prevents the use of protective chemical products.
Waste produced during the manufacturing process and during construction on-site is collected and recycled.
The translucent properties of the membrane mean that you benefit from zenithal lighting and thus keep the use of light fixtures during daytime use to a minimum.