Albert 1st modular ice rink

Following the closure of the Bocquaine Sports Complex in May 2014,  the city of Reims called on Spaciotempo in order to find a new facility in which to accommodate the public, within the shortest time frame possible. It was important to fill this « void » quickly in order to satisfy the large quantity of paying customers.

The Albert 1st of Reims ice rink built in record time

Just six months passed between the commencement and the completion of construction, before this new type of ice rink finally materialised. In fact, Spaciotempo's USP is that they design 100% removable modular buildings. An irrefutable asset for this type of project, which requires a high level of responsiveness.

A wise investment whatever way you look at it

The Albert 1st ice rink represents a wise investment for the city of Reims, in terms of the quality of service, the price and the speed of construction. As a matter of fact, at a cost of two million euros, this provisional solution offers the same quality of service as a « traditional » ice rink, which can cost up to 4 times as much. 

A surface area spanning more than 630 m2 in which to accommodate members of the public

Since march, amateur skaters have been able to enjoy the ice rink, measuring 56m in length by 26m wide, as well as a number of associated services (café area, changing rooms, ice skate rental booths). This was a genuine challenge for Spaciotempo who produced this completely modular temporary structure in record time.

The Albert 1st temporary ice rink would ultimately stand the test of time…

Initially built with a view to operating for a provisional period (ten years), it would seem that the city of Reims wanted  to " continue using it beyond this period ".The high level of flexibility and the modular design of the Spaciotempo removable buildings enabled, in particular, the ice rink to be extended by dozens of metres without a great deal of work.

With assistance from Spaciotempo, you have a building that is fully operational and perfectly tailored to your needs within just a few months.Do not hesitate to contact our design department who will  help you to design and optimise your project.