Base camp - SID

Accommodation, offices or canteens; Spaciotempo responded to requests from the SID (Service d'Infrastructures de la Défense = Defence Infrastructures Service) by offering a transportable, flexible, robust and highly secure base camp structure.

The Defence Infrastructures Service made clear its need for spaces that could be transformed into accommodation, offices or canteens, for base camp structures that can be transported on public roads, by sea or by air, and for buildings that can comply with elevated thermal and acoustic constraints - and all within short delivery times and with the implementation of perfect logistics thanks to packaging that has been designed to suit all modes of transport and assembly methods.

Spaciotempo thus responded by offering the SID structures adapted to its needs in the following areas: flexible use, adaptation to suit the specific terrain, modular design (dimensional flexibility), comfortable use (personalised interior furnishings), compliance with climatic requirements and constraints, simple and fast logistics and highly secure buildings.