Production area - L’Atelier

Spaciotempo installed a storage building which would then become a production workshop for l'Atelier.


Created in 1985, L’Atelier is a family business specialising in textile home furnishings and soft luggage.

L’Atelier required additional storage space in order to reduce its warehousing costs. Spaciotempo installed an industrial building measuring 20 m x 25 m x H4 which was then transformed into a production workshop fully compliant with the standards of the French Labour Code (pressed roof that lets in natural light and 60 mm-thick insulated cladding made from rock wool, which provides noise and thermal insulation, smoke vents…) thus offering pleasant working conditions for the staff. L’Atelier then decided to expand and purchased another structure with identical properties to the first, so as to create a storage area at low cost.

Spaciotempo carried out the assembly in less than 3 weeks, over the summer holidays, enabling business to resume without interruption at the end of the break.