Reception space - Beijing Olympic Games

Structures specially designed to resist the typhoons during the Olympic Games in Beijing

Spaciotempo demonstrated its expertise in the design of temporary structures adapted to suit extreme climatic conditions (typhoons). Feedback from the equestrian events at the Olympic Games in Hong Kong.

The Beijing Olympic Games had come to a close, Spaciotempo had won the gold medal for wind-resistant removable buildings.
Designed especially for the games, our events structures were able to resist force 9 typhoons in Hong Kong!

In fact, the structures were developed to resist winds at speeds of up to 220km/h.
The various structures served as boxes, training areas for the horses, VIP reception rooms and restaurants.

A judges tower was also created and supplied by Spaciotempo, designed as a two-floor double sloping structure.

Following the cricket and rugby world cups, as well as football's European Cup, Spaciotempo has now become a key player in global sporting events.