Storage building - Veolia Propreté

Spaciotempo, a French company, designs, manufactures and builds industrial buildings for rental or sale, thus enabling you to create, expand or shelter your storage, sorting and recycling areas within a very short time frame.

Following the Grenelle Environment Forum and the implementation of the "REP Ameublement" (Extended Producer Responsibility regulation governing furnishings) by the government, Spaciotempo has been assisting players within the waste collection, processing and elimination sector with the provision of coverings for sorting areas.

Testimonial by Mrs Boennec (Technical and Optimisation Division Manager – Brittany Region):
'We were looking for a structure with a usable height greater than 7 metres, so as to be able to accept and sort waste by shovel, over a fixed period of time.
The option to be able to anchor part of the building to the cover, reduced construction times, the total usable area and the flexibility of the financing offers make Spaciotempo buildings a particularly interesting solution."

The construction process used by Spaciotempo enables the installation of canopies or removable buildings ranging from 5 to 40 metres free span and from 3 to 8 metres in height within a reduced time frame, thus enabling through traffic and the manoeuvering of the machinery required for the recycling of waste from furnishings.
Consisting of an aluminium frame dimensioned based on the climatic loads at your installation site, and a high-resistance membrane covering, Spaciotempo buildings do not require foundations and have low maintenance costs.       

For more information please contact the sales rep for your region.