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Spaciotempo, a French company, designs, produces and builds standardised sports complexes with a translucent covering. Compliance with all standards in force, exceptionally bright conditions on account of the zenithal lighting, and acoustic and thermal comfort are among the qualities offered by Spaciotempo sports complexes, which are also covered by decennial liability insurance. On account of the construction process used by Spaciotempo as well as the materials used, such as aluminium and the membrane, the impact on the environment is very low.

Spaciotempo sports complexes, with their varying framework geometries, are designed so as to integrate various types of equipment with regard to lighting, heating and joinery. Depending on the selected configurations, your building can be designed so as fully removable, thus enabling you to plan the relocation of the infrastructure.

Couverture terrain tennis

Associations, sports clubs or local authorities - so you want to facilitate the playing of tennis in optimal playing conditions throughout the year by covering an existing tennis court without detracting from the court you have or having to start from scratch. Spaciotempo will assist you in the construction of your sports complex, from the construction of the covered enclosure to the realisation of your general corporate mandate. The construction method used means that within a very short period of time you can be benefiting from a building that is compliant with all of the standards in force, quickly constructed as a result of the use of simplified foundations, and covered by decennial liability insurance.

Boulodrome couvert - Spaciotempo

So you want  to create a friendly yet competitive environment in which to play bowls throughout the year? Building a bowls court by Spaciotempo provides you with a dedicated space in which to play bowls, capable of accommodating a club house, various levels, bathrooms and grandstand seating - all ready to go in the shortest of time. There are several solutions available when it comes to the cladding of the façades : PVC membrane, wood cladding, double-skin façades, polycarbonate. Thus, the architectural integration of your bowls court within its surroundings is enhanced.


Couverture terrain tennis

The sports complexes by Spaciotempo can be of a temporary nature, in the event of an accident or if you are having your gym renovated. They are also suitable for permanent your if you are setting up a new gym or wish to replace your old one.The installation of a Spaciotempo gymnasium building, whether in a temporary or permanent configuration, allows you to rent or purchase a sports complex for which the construction time is two to four times less than that of a traditional construction.


Achat bâtiment sportif modulable

So you want to create a space that can accommodate: indoor football, a swimming pool,  paddle tennis, a weight room... The sports complexes by Spaciotempo are specifically designed for playing sport : zenithal lighting in conjunction with the translucent properties of the covering, comfortable acoustic and thermal properties, condensation prevention. A player within the porting facilities construction sector, Spaciotempo builds Qualisport certified buildings covered by decennial liability insurance.


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  • Couverture terrain tennis
    Qualisport-certified sports complex with a translucent cover. Rapid construction, exceptional light properties, acoustic and thermal comfort, respect for the environment and a highly durable structure. General corporate mandate.


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