Spaciotempo tennis court covering

Play tennis throughout the year, in optimal playing conditions.

Whether you're covering an existing tennis court or creating a new indoor court, Spaciotempo designs, produces and builds sports complexes with translucent roofs.

The construction process used by Spaciotempo is based on an anchoring system using light foundations, which means that you get the benefit of a sports complex with a reduced lead time.

The solutions in the area of tennis court covering offered by Spaciotempo allow you to enjoy the benefits of an extremely bright and airy space, thanks to the translucent properties of the membrane. Acoustic and thermal comfort are guaranteed, in particular by means of the use of a pressed membrane, which enhances your building's insulation and prevents any flapping.

The sports complexes by Spaciotempo are designed to comply with the standards in force regarding establishments that are open to the public as well as any adverse climate conditions in your installation area.


Enclosure of existing tennis courts

Fabricant bâtiment métallique

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Creation of an indoor tennis complex

Achat bâtiment sportif modulable

Should you require further information your sales rep is available to help.


Our products Tennis court covering

  • Couverture terrain tennis
    Qualisport-certified sports complex with a translucent cover. Rapid construction, exceptional light properties, acoustic and thermal comfort, respect for the environment and a highly durable structure. General corporate mandate.


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