Storage warehouse: solutions for SMEs

Spaciotempo assists small and medium-sized companies with their projects for the construction of storage marquees or industrial buildings with a view to meeting their requirements with regard to temporary or permanent expansion. 

Rapid assembly

The construction process used by Spaciotempo does not require heavy foundations.Based on an anchoring system using steel rods or pegs,  it allows you to make use of your storage marquee within a reduced construction time.This construction method offers industrial companies the ability to adapt their storage, production, and maintenance areas or their logistics platforms in line with fluctuations in their business.

Security for both goods and personnel

Based on the challenges encountered during your project, Spaciotempo offers two types of solution :

  • Les industrial buildings Neivalu are built in accordance with the Snow and Wind regulations (NV65) which take into account the climatic loads at your installation site.
  • The Eventia Industry-type storage marquees are designed in accordance with the CTS standards (Chapiteaux Tentes Structures = Marquees Tents Structures) which stipulate that use must cease in the case of exposure to winds faster than 100 Km/h or snowfall on the roof more than 4 cm deep.

Flexibility of the financing offer

The purchase or rental of a removable building by Spaciotempo allows you to adjust your costs based on fluctuations in your business. The possibility of renting your storage marquee for a term of 3 to 60 months gives you the opportunity to safeguard your finances, to avoid impacting your investment capacity and to optimise your profit and loss account  Finally, during the rental period, you can relocate your storage marquee at any time.

There is an advisor posted in every region in France who is available to assist you : Contact an advisor.