Turnkey solutions

With qualified, trained and available teams, Spaciotempo is at your service, ensuring peace of mind and security in the realisation of your removable building construction projects.

Structure événementielle
With 5% of its revenue dedicated to R&D, Spaciotempo is the only player within the industry to boast a dedicated structure focussing on overcoming the challenges you face.
Spaciotempo concepteur de bâtiment démontable
Expertise and advice provided with a view to designing the removable building that meets your operating needs and that complies with the regulations in force.
Spaciotempo constructeur de bâtiments démontables
Spaciotempo is a French company, with its production and manufacturing site based in Flixecourt, Picardie.
Spaciotempo constructeur de bâtiments démontables
Spaciotempo applies a strict safety policy. Construction site costs, including the use of a lifting platform, handling machinery, the wearing of PPE by staff, safety lines, protective nets…
Spaciotempo constructeur de bâtiments démontables
Do you require assistance within the scope of your project?Spaciotempo provides you with support regarding administrative and regulatory approaches throughout the duration of your project.
Following receipt of your removable building, the Spaciotempo customer service is available to listen to any queries you may have.