Who are we?

Spaciotempo is a company specialising in the design, production and construction of removable buildings.

Spaciotempo operates within the removable buildings market, employing a metal and textile-based construction process. Our buildings consist of an aluminium frame and membrane roofing.

One of Spaciotempo's USPs is that it manages the entire value chain: the design of the structures (design and framework calculations) followed by production and assembly, and finally the construction of the structure. The fact that we construct your building on your premises sets us apart from modular construction methods that rely on the creation of modules that are assembled in the factory and then delivered.

We operate within five markets : industry, distribution, sport, events and defence / humanitarian.

This metal and textile-based construction process  enables us to target the market in two ways:

  • by renting our structures, as their removable nature naturally means that our buildings can be hired,
  • and by selling them, as the metal and textile-based construction process doesn't depreciate in value like a traditional building. Removable does not necessarily mean temporary. In France and abroad, there are several famous examples of permanent metal and textile-based buildings: the Zénith in Paris, the Allianz Arena in Munich…

On account of its intrinsic qualities, a Spaciotempo removable building   lends itself just as well to rental, on account of the afore-mentioned removable properties, as it does to sale, since it is comparable to a traditional building in terms of quality on several levels.