A rapidly deployable logistics warehouse

A rapidly deployable logistics warehouse

In the course of their business, hauliers and logistics professionals may need additional storage space to store products and goods. Spaciotempo offers the rent and/or sale of demountable logistics warehouses for rapid access to business premises. This gives you access to suitable storage space, set up directly on your facility, at short notice.

There are several reasons why logisticians turn to demountable warehouse solutions. This may be due to a temporary increase in activity linked to the signing of a new commercial agreement, a slowdown in stock removals leading to an increase in the volume of goods on site, or the occurrence of a disaster or works making a surface area unavailable for storage.

A tailor-made logistics warehouse for your business

Finding available, functional premises close to your business site is often an impossible task, but Spaciotempo can help you build your demountable logistics warehouse on site. Whether you need a high building to store goods on racks, a large building to optimise the volume that can be used safely, a space that can be kept at a constant temperature, or a labelling and goods control area, Spaciotempo can help you at every stage of your construction project.

Support all along the project

To ensure the construction of a logistics warehouse perfectly suited to your company's needs, Spaciotempo takes charge of every stage of your project: defining the specifications with you, designing and calculating the framework, manufacturing and building the structure.

Thanks to the responsiveness of Spaciotempo's teams and integrated design office, it only takes 5 to 6 weeks to see your industrial warehouse built on your site: a flexible, turnkey solution!

Need information to carry out your project?

Logistics warehouse: rent or buy, the choice is yours

Spaciotempo offers its customers the option of renting or buying their logistics warehouse. For one-off requirements, you can rent your warehouse for a few months or years, with a renewable rental offer to cover an increase in activity or an incident affecting your premises.

Of course, you can also buy your Spaciotempo warehouse to increase your storage capacity on a permanent basis. The structures sold are covered by ten-year insurance.

For more information or to request a quote, the Spaciotempo team is at your disposal by telephone or via the contact form, and will get back to you quickly to study your construction project.

A range of product designed for logistics

The Neivalu range of demountable buildings, perfectly suited to the requirements of logistics warehouses, consists of a two-span aluminium frame, dimensioned according to NV65 or Eurocodes standards, and a PVC-coated polyester membrane roof. The façades can be open or clad.

It is available in several configurations: 

  • Clear span of up to 50 m without intermediate posts 
  • Side height of up to 12 m 
  • Two or more buildings can be joined together
  • Possibility of extending an existing building 
  • A wide choice of equipment (industrial access, external joinery, smoke vents, thermal and acoustic insulation, humidity control, etc.)