Develop your drive through activity!

Spaciotempo is regularly solicited by distribution players for the execution of their drive through activity. Whether for the construction of a storage area for goods or a collection zone, we know how to propose quick, simple and functional construction solutions.

Our construction process allows us to offer free span frameworks ranging from 5 to 60m and up to 9m lateral height. The modularity of the system then makes it possible to choose a suitable configuration: open or closed, with or without thermal insulation, glazed facades or not, equipment dedicated to storage or to receive the public...

The implementation of the structure can most often be done directly on the existing platform (subject to conclusive strength test) which logically allows savings related to the foundations and greater responsiveness.

Spaciotempo buildings offer optimal comfort and robustness, with the serenity of knowing that our solutions comply with the climatic constraints of the installation site according to NV65 or Eurocodes.