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French leader in dismountable buildings

We are a French company specialising in the design, production and building of demountable construction solutions for over 40 years. Our headquarters and our factory are located in Flixecourt, in the Hauts-de-France, where we manufacture 100% of our buildings. We control the entire value chain: structural design & calculation, production, assembly and building of the structure. Our international projection is supported by two subsidiaries, one in Spain and the other in the United Kingdom.

We operate in 6 markets: industry & logistics, distribution, sport, education, remediation, event & exhibition.

The technical nature of the products we develop means we can meet diverse specifications. It thus places this process as an advantageous alternative to the traditional construction model. Our demountable buildings meet normal regulations for all construction works, with implementation timescales much lower and total cost of ownership 3 times less. "Demountable" does not necessarily mean "temporary", our buildings are suitable for rental and purchase.

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Million Euros turnover




gender equality

1 100

Trucks loaded annually

150 000 m2

of structures produced per year in France

The gender equality index

SPACIOTEMPO supports the initiative to promote gender equality within the company and its teams. Although our pay gap index is not calculable, due to the lack of representation across all categories, we want to take action by creating an egalitarian working environment where talented people can give the best of themselves. Our gender equality index is below 75%. In the form of a score out of 100, the index is calculated on the basis of 4 indicators, which assess the gaps between men and women in the company.

  1. The pay gap indicator is incalculable,
  2. The individual increment rate indicator favors women,
  3. The return from maternity leave indicator is incalculable,
  4. The company is continuing its efforts to increase the representation of women in the 10 highest-paid positions.

In 2024, SPACIOTEMPO achieves a score of 40 out of 45 for the 2 indicators that are countable in the company.

Subsidiary of the GL Events Group

Since 2000, Spaciotempo has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of GL events Group, the world leader in event management, operating in three major markets:

  • Congress & conventions
  • Events & shows (culture, sport, politics)
  • Exhibitions & trade fairs (professional or general public

Present on 5 continents and in more than 20 countries (90 locations worldwide), GL events achieves an annual turnover of 1 billion Euros. The group has 4,300 employees, more than a third of whom are international.
On behalf of the group, Spaciotempo manufactures the structures that allow it to offer reception, hospitality and logistics solutions, anywhere in the world.

Our construction process

Our construction process is "metal-textile", an aluminium frame, steel reinforcements, and a PVC coated technical membrane cover. Its first particularity is that it is can be completely dismantled and reassembled. Our buildings are thus offered for rent or for sale, with direct installation on your site.

Our buildings are sized according to the normative required by the market (Eurocodes) for free spans from 5m to 60m and an edge height of 4m to 9m. The method for anchoring to the ground does not require the creation of specific foundations (except in the case of a negative platform study), which ensures unparalleled project responsiveness and economy.

The modularity of the construction process allows us to meet varied specifications: prevention of condensation, management of truck flows, respect for hygiene standards, thermal and acoustic comfort, safety of personnel and goods, visual comfort, etc. We can offer solutions that meet the requirements of very different markets.

Our history

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