Relay store

Retain your business and catchment area during work

In order to maintain all your operational capacities during periods of expansion or renovation of your sales area, or following a disaster, the rental of a Spaciotempo relief store offers you the ability to avoid operating losses and to preserve your customer base.

The construction process used by Spaciotempo allows you to rapidly take advantage of a temporary building, installed on your site, in the immediate vicinity of your store. The implementation of a simplified foundation system implies a reduction in construction time and the absence of substantial civil engineering works.

From the supermarket to the showroom, Spaciotempo relief stores meet the standards of traditional construction in terms of climate load, as well as those related to buildings open to the public in terms of panic and fire. Your teams, your customers and your goods are perfectly safe during the operation of your Spaciotempo temporary building.

The various equipments offered for the prevention of condensation, insulation, lighting and facade cladding ensure optimum comfort.

Our range designed for the distribution market meets the requirements of market players, to rapidly offer a turnkey solution that ensures the maintenance or resumption of activity as soon as possible.

The translucent over-pressed membrane cover used in the roof ensures no condensation, plus thermal and sound comfort in your Spaciotempo store. Its translucency affords the interior a real luminosity. The windows and automatic doors offer you both the aesthetics of a traditional commercial sales area as well as visual comfort for your employees.

We can advise you for the best technical definition of your relief store project: contact your sales representative!

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Stores and extensions to temporary stores

Temporary and extensions to temporary stores

Temporary store during work or relocation

Spaciotempo builds on your site in half or a quarter of the time needed for the traditional construction of relief shops.
The translucency of the membrane and the compliance with safety standards for buildings open to the public give you a temporary relief sales area allowing you to maintain your business and continue your turnover during work or renovation periods.

Temporary store extension

Temporary store extension

The Spaciotempo temporary buildings are particularly suitable for extending stores to add sales space during periods of increased activity. Our structures offer speed of assembly, respect for existing standards and quality of material offered. Whether it is for a few weeks or a few months, Spaciotempo offers you solutions suited to the duration of your need.

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