Mobile shelter

All-terrain, light and moveable industrial tent

The Spaciotempo Mobicover industrial tent is particularly suitable for moderate-sized and time-limited projects.

Ideal for sheltering your teams and your equipment during works, and very easy to assemble, Mobicover is a solution that is always available on your sites thanks to its small semi-trailer storage space.

The tent can also be used as a storage space for periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks, providing economical protection of your inventory from the elements, or to cover a work area and shelter your teams and equipment.

Thanks to its lightness and its design, the industrial tent is easy to use: it can be erected, moved and dismantled quickly so that you have the benefit of a mobile shelter at your disposal according to the needs of your site.

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Worksite shelter

Worksite shelter

Looking for a covered area that allows you to shelter your teams and equipment on your worksite? The Mobicover industrial tent is an industrial shelter offering easy support on your sites thanks to its ease of assembly and disassembly and its transportability. The design of this tent allows it to be installed on all terrain. It is moveable along with your worksite.

Storage shelter

Storage shelter

Do you need to cover your stocks for periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks? The Mobicover storage tent is designed to protect your inventory from the elements over a short period of time. Designed for simple and autonomous installation, you can assemble and disassemble your Mobicover yourself as and when your storage requirements need it.

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