Spaciotempo Manufacturer of removable buildings

Rental or purchase of modular structures

A French company with its production plant based in Picardie, Spaciotempo has been designing, manufacturing and building removable buildings intended for use within the fields of industry, distribution, sport, events and defence for more than 30 years.

Available for rental or for sale, Spaciotempo structures satisfy a diverse range of specifications relating to the construction of industrial marquees, storage buildings, logistics platforms, sports complexes or reception spaces.

From the industrial marquee to the storage warehouse, and from the sports complex to the reception space, Spaciotempo removable buildings are specifically designed so as to be built within a short period of time, to resist any climatic loads in your region and to overcome challenges with regard to lighting, condensation and insulation. 

Spaciotempo assists players within the industrial sector, ranging from SMEs to international corporations, with their projects for the temporary or permanent extension of storage spaces, production areas or logistics platforms.The removable nature of the Spaciotempo buildings and their suitability for rental enable industrial companies to adjust their storage marquee or their industrial warehouse  in keeping with fluctuations in their business, within a reduced time frame.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Who are we?

Your partner when it comes to the construction of a temporary or permanent removable building.   Our solutions allow you to adjust your storage or production capacities based on fluctuations in your business, to ensure the continuity of your operations following damage or during renovation work, or even to build a sports complex within a short time frame, enabling the playing of sport in optimal conditions.            

The demountable building Spaciotempo solutions allow you to build an industrial marquee on your site. Your warehousing capacity adapts to the variability of your activity

Here are the benefits for the final users : acoustic and thermal confort, amazing brightness. For more information, please get in touch with us