Constructor of removable buildings

Spaciotempo offers you removable buildings for rent or for sale. The flexibility and reliability of the process make it a beneficial alternative to the traditional construction model.

Constructor of removable building

Designer, manufacturer and constructor

Our integrated design office, our factory and our field and support teams provide you with a perfectly mastered turnkey service.

Designer, manufacturer and constructor

Storage and logistics

We support all businesses, from small and medium-sized businesses to large groups, by offering flexible construction solutions to manage their business fluctuations.

Storage and logistics

Relief buildings

Carry out your renovations or relocations with peace of mind: we offer temporary relief buildings to rent for your business on your site.

Relief building

Industrial emergencies

Our solutions are deployable in a few days for a quick resumption of activity in case of disaster or to unblock new production and storage areas. Deal with the unexpected!

Industrial emergencies

Our approach

1- On-site meeting

On-site meeting
  • Sales manager dedicated to your geographical area.
  • Technical and regulatory support from the beginning of your project.

2- Design

  • Integrated design office (design and structural calculation).
  • Proposal of a technical and financial offer tailored to your project.

3- Manufacturing

  • Production and pre-assembly in Flixecourt (Hauts-de-France).
  • Custom manufacturing, directly linked to the design office.

4- Transport

  • Delivery of the building parts to your site.
  • Simultaneous arrival of the works team.

5- Construction

  • Team of 5 assemblers under the direction of a work supervisor, all equipped with the BTP card and the necessary training.
  • Rapid construction: average of 1,000 m² in 5 days

6- Turnkey delivery

Turnkey delivery
  • Respect for your deadlines.
  • Ready-to-use building.

7- Customer support

Customer support
  • Support and assistance
  • Building maintenance

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Building together, differently

A flexible construction process

At a time when flexibility, responsiveness and agility are promises embraced by companies, the removable building offers an ideal solution to this perspective, allowing you to adapt your building stock according to fluctuations in activity. For example, we allow you to quickly absorb a spike in production or temporarily replace an unusable building. The management flexibility offered by our solution - whether for rent or for sale - is popular with SMEs, large groups and local authorities alike. It ensures a financial cost that matches your level of activity..

Favourable alternative to traditional construction

The technical nature of the products offered makes it possible to meet various specifications, and positions this process as an advantageous alternative to the traditional construction model. Whether storage buildings, maintenance workshops, gymnasiums, temporary stores or amphitheatres, the Spaciotempo removable buildings meet the regulatory requirements common to all construction works, but in much shorter implementation times and with a total possession cost 3 to 4 times lower.

The circular economy

Our buildings are designed to be eco-friendly, repairable, removable, reusable and recyclable:

  • Their ecological footprint is reduced: less time consuming and less energy-intensive work sites, lighter materials, limited use of concrete, use of zenithal lighting (translucent roofing) ...
  • Our buildings are 100% removable and 100% reusable
  • Our materials are 100% recyclable

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