Industrial buildings and temporary logistics

Our industrial buildings make it possible to create or enlarge your storage, maintenance or production areas in a very short time, and directly on your site. Thanks to its proven mastery of the removable construction process, Spaciotempo allows you to have a real estate infrastructure that can be completely dismantled and re-located in record time. You can thus cope with an extension in activity, work increase or disaster by temporarily renting a real industrial building, or take advantage of a purchased building.

Their dismantling capability does not make any sacrifice to safety, our Neivalu and Oxygen industrial buildings are calculated in strict compliance with current standards. The frames are sized according to the climatic loadings of your area according to Eurocode norms or NV65 rules: your dismountable Neivalu building can be exploited 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The duration of their availability on your site is defined according to your needs, and is backed by a financial solution for rental or purchase.

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Integrated expertise


  • Our buildings are rented to meet temporary needs: you can temporarily take advantage of an additional storage or production space, over 3 years for example, and adapt your available storage volume to your activity level.
  • The rental solution also allows you to make a financial choice: you keep your investment capacity for value-added positions.
  • The building is then dismantled at the end of the contract - or its extension - and the platform returns to its original configuration. Our offer is based on a large rental area for a competitive and responsive solution.

In most cases, the installation of our buildings does not require the creation of specific foundations and can be done on an already existing platform.

  • In rental, the reactivity is optimal with standard equipment, since 3 to 4 weeks are enough between the order and the beginning of the assembly.
  • For purchase, 4 to 6 weeks for supply and factory prefabrication plus a few days of construction allow your storage building to be realised.
  • The assembly time is on average 1,000m² in 5 days.
  • Our structures are sized to guarantee total safety of people and stored items, and to ensure continuity of operation 365 days/year regardless of weather conditions. Our solutions are compliant with NV65 or Eurocode installation site loads, and take into account the "wind-exposed area" and altitude criteria, unlike ERP CTS tents whose stability is calculated for up to 100km/h wind and 15kg/m² of snow.
  • Our buildings for sale are covered by a decennial insurance.

The great strength of Spaciotempo is its ability to offer integrated solutions, designed in-house by the design office, manufactured and then built on-site and delivered turnkey. Industrialists thus have a quick and personalised response to better manage the fluctuations of their business or a disaster affecting their real estate assets.

We directly manage the entire project:

  • consultancy
  • design and calculation
  • supplies and manufacturing
  • construction

If an adaptation of the structure is required, we perform this with the support of our design office and our manufacturing plant. We are therefore in direct control of your project to guarantee you deadline and quality.

  • We offer structures whose dimensions (in steps of 5m, width up to 40m or more after studies) allow you to match as closely as possible your available surface and your need in terms of exploitable volume.
  • The diversity of our equipment lends itself to many application possibilities: bulk storage, temperature-controlled warehouse, customs control area, classic ground or pallet storage, transfer area, workshop, etc...
  • The construction process is progressive: you can reduce or increase your building, adapt the equipment or move it.
  • The rental solution allows you to adjust the duration of your contract to your needs.