Production workshop

Spaciotempo dismountable workshop

Temporary establishment of a production area, extension of existing buildings, mobile plant... When you have people and equipment to protect, the Spaciotempo removable warehouses offer many benefits:

  • Rapidity of set up

  • Resistance to climatic conditions for your region

  • Respect of workplace regulations

  • Zenith lighting related to the translucency of the membrane

The demountable construction process used by Spaciotempo means you can rent your production warehouse for the duration of your project and to modify your temporary hangar as needed during the contract. Choosing a rental allows you to cope with the fluctuations in your production activity, for example following a disaster, during on-site work or a temporary mission.

Spaciotempo solutions have been designed to take into account the standards and regulations related to your environment in terms of hygiene and safety. You have a structure available to you that complies with labour regulations.

From 5 to 40 metres free span and 3 to 9 metres high at the border, Spaciotempo buildings take care of the parameters of scheduling as well as installation of machines or production lines, so that you can take advantage of an optimally functional production zone.

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Production and maintenance workshops

Production workshop

Temporary production workshop

To cope with a disaster or a temporary increase in your activity, Spaciotempo offers you a temporary production building with maximum comfort for your operators. Our solution is equipped with a wide range of equipment to promote sound and thermal insulation, optimal visual comfort, and to ensure the safety of your employees.

Maintenance building

Maintenance building

Constructing a Spaciotempo building to service your equipment or machinery brings you the benefit of a quick, reliable and luminous solution with a translucent cover. Spaciotempo maintenance buildings are particularly suitable for covering a repair area for vehicles or trains. The ability to install large openings, suitable for the passage of vehicles such as airplanes or helicopters, also makes the workshops suitable for the aeronautics sector.

Production building

Need to create a production workshop on your site quickly and with all the necessary comfort for the work of your employees, while maintaining the flexibility of evolution later? Spaciotempo modular workshop solutions are completely scalable. You can move them to another site, upgrade them to storage building configurations, or even dismantle them at the end of operation if you do not own the installation site.

Production building

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