Logistics platform

Construct a modular and removable logistics platform

The Spaciotempo removable buildings have been developed with the aim of meeting storage issues and constitute a solution of choice for logisticians through the construction of a high industrial warehouse, zone with loading and unloading docks, labelling zones and control of goods...

The Spaciotempo industrial building contributes to the continuity of your business in the event of a disaster, allows you to build an overflow warehouse to absorb a temporary increase in activity, or to permanently increase the covered capacity available on your site with the ability to move your warehouse at any time.

The demountable construction process used by Spaciotempo allows you to rent or purchase your logistics platform.

  • Temporary installation for rent or purchase

  • Construction on your site and your existing platform

  • Large dimensions suitable for logistics use

  • Rapid implementation

  • Compliance with the standards and regulations of your business sector

  • Scalability of the structure

  • Operational safety assured through structural sizing

Spaciotempo builds logistics platforms that meet technical constraints related to temperature, luminosity, hygrometry, etc...
Spaciotempo logistics buildings do not require complex civil engineering (subject to ground validation). Work site and construction times are reduced. Your activity is not slowed or disturbed as would be the case with the construction of a logistics platform in a traditional building.

The demountable warehouse offers you the solidity and durability of a classic building and also the flexibility of modularity, and all turnkey.

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A logistics platform tailored to your needs

Logistics platform

Temporary logistics platform

The Spaciotempo logistics platform is available for rent to meet temporary needs. You can thus temporarily take advantage of an additional logistic space, over 3 years for example, and adapt your available storage volume to your activity level.

Logistics platform extension

Logistics platform extension

Thanks to the flexibility of our construction process, the Spaciotempo warehouse can be attached to an existing building to allow you to enlarge your platform and increase storage capacity. We offer structures with dimensions up to 40m and a height of 9m, or more with studies.

Multimodal platform

Port and airport facilities are particularly exposed to the wind. Our buildings comply with the climatic constraints of the installation site according to NV65 or Eurocode, and take into account the "area exposed to the wind" criterion. They are an ideal solution for the transhipment of goods and ensure operational continuity 365 days/year. Their size and the wide choice of openings makes it possible to tailor the platform to a multimodal operation.

Multimodal platform

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