Spaciotempo industrial warehouse 

Build an all-purpose logistics platform in just a few weeks

Construction of a large-scale industrial warehouse, a loading and unloading dock, goods labelling and inspection areas - the removable buildings by Spaciotempo have been developed with the goal of meeting the challenges faced by logistics specialists.

The removable construction process used by Spaciotempo allows you to rent or purchase your logistics platform, while offering the following benefits :

  • rapid construction (1000 m² in 5 days)
  • optimisation of the usable space
  • compliance with the standards and regulations within your business sector
  • modular design

Spaciotempo builds logistics platforms that overcome the logistical constraints associated with temperature, luminosity, toxicity or corrosion. Spaciotempo industrial buildings do not require heavy civil engineering work. Project and construction time are reduced.

Business is neither slowed down nor interrupted by the construction of a logistics platform.

Logistics platform purchase

Entrepôt industriel démontable

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Logistics platform rental

Auvent Spaciotempo

Should you require further information, your sales rep is available to help.

Our products Logistics platform

  • Bâtiment industriel démontable neivalu industrie
    Neivalu industry
    Industrial building with a free span area measuring from 5 metres to 40 metres, and measuring from 3 to 8 metres in height at the lowest point. Rental or purchase of removable buildings intended for production, maintenance or storage operations.


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