Design office and R&D

Integrated design office

Spaciotempo has an internal design office which is a guarantee of direct control of your file at a technical level, and of responsiveness.

Our design office is composed of 4 engineers and 6 designers, under the direction of a design office manager, who work in coordination with the sales and production teams.


Follow-up at each stage

Preliminary design, sizing and modification of the frames, calculation of structure, drawing up of plans needed to obtain the building permit, tailor-made projects, as-built file... Spaciotempo supports you during each step of your project to construct demountable buildings.

Main missions of the Spaciotempo design office

Each client file is studied by the design office to draw up a building that full complies with the operating needs and location of the project.

Each year, about 500 files pass through the hands of the design office before their execution phase, and more than 600 calculations are performed.

On a daily basis, the design office guarantees compliance with regulatory standards. For example, it performs structural calculations and sizing in Eurocodes, or checks the conformity of a project with the labour code or code for buildings open to the public.

They also verify the conformity of the commercial engagement with the delivered product. Its primary role is related to the study of mechanical stability and the design of the frame.

  • Support for sales on specific projects

  • Adaptation and development

  • Studies and sizing

  • Analysis of the metallic structure (resistance to climatic actions, calculation of instabilities and analysis of the behaviour of the metal in over tension and under tension situations)

  • Design and sizing of the assemblies

  • Issuance of calculation notes - mechanical strength, and load distribution

  • Development of production plans for the parts

  • Execution of commercial plans (pre-sales), then execution of works (plans of layout, assembly ...)

From standard to specific

The peculiarity of our construction process, and the fact that we manufacture our buildings, allows us to perfectly meet standard requests (for example in rentals), or entirely specific through prototype development.


The main mission of our R&D department is to encourage an environment of innovation in order to support, anticipate and bring innovative solutions to your problems.

Research and Development missions:

  • Filing patents

  • Approvals / certifications

  • Regulatory watch

  • Technical notices

  • New products

  • Improvements

  • Conducting tests

Our R&D department also works to improve the performance of materials, safety and quality of execution.