A dedicated service

Operational management of the sites in collaboration with all departments of the company.

To guarantee the quality of services sold, the smooth running of the construction sites and the respect of standards and deadlines, we have a service department of 40 employees working to fully control the deployment of our products.

Each site is supervised by a construction manager who is your main contact from reception of your service order to site reception.

In the event of co-activity on the platform between our teams and workers assigned by the customer, the operations will need to be agreed in advance with the Spaciotempo construction manager in order to ensure security and good coordination of the workers.

Safety policy


We apply a strict safety policy and our site construction costs include the use of gondolas or lifting platforms for working at height, handling equipment for loading-unloading and lifting operations, the wearing of PPE by personnel, installation of lifelines and safety nets where necessary.

Organising and planning the sites, guaranteeing the respect of deadlines, ensuring the quality of assembly, controlling the safety of the personnel on the ground are all principal missions performed daily by the Spaciotempo teams.

Experienced teams

With over 800 annual projects, our site teams are very experienced. Some are authorised to operate in particularly secure areas such as petrochemical or nuclear sites, for example. The projects carried out in the context of soil remediation are demanding in terms of speed of execution, control of deadlines, and safety in often constraining urban environments. The construction sites for sports and event buildings require special attention in terms of aesthetics and quality of finishes. Spaciotempo has developed a real expertise in the management of complex projects in its various markets.



The site personnel hold the usual necessary certificates: electrical, working at height, CACES 9 and 3B... And in particular UC1 and UC2 chemical risk training. The work drivers and team leaders have taken Health and Safety at Work training.

Spaciotempo employs continuous improvement methods to optimise its efficiency on construction sites and better work safety.