Spaciotempo modular building

For over 40 years, Spaciotempo has been designing, manufacturing and constructing demountable buildings for the industry, retail, sports, education and events sectors. Each modular building installed by our teams meets a specific need, whether for storage space, production workshop or sales area.

What is a modular building?

Whether you want to expand your storage or sales space, or works require the temporary displacement of your business area, a modular building is an ideal solution. You save time thanks to its speed of manufacture and you receive your customers and your employees in a building that complies with ERP standards (safety regulations for an establishment open to the public). The Spaciotempo modular building is a turnkey structure installed on your site.

  • A quick solution tailored to all areas

It is known as a modular building because of its design which is the result of an assembly of different modules manufactured in our factory in Flixecourt in the Hauts-de-France, along with standardised and prefabricated elements. Our modular buildings are available for rent and to purchase, the free span extending from 5 to 40 m and a length of 5 metres per module.

Thanks to our integrated Design Office, we respond precisely and quickly to any specific calculation request with NV65 or Eurocodes dimensioning, according to the customer's wishes.

The modules specific to your building are then manufactured in our factory before shipping for installation on your site as soon as possible by our assembly teams located throughout France.

Our modular buildings are notable for their anchoring foundation system, which saves on the overall cost of your project compared to conventional construction that requires heavy foundations.

  • A modular construction process

Spaciotempo uses a metal-textile construction process, which allows us to use both standard and designed made to measure elements on a single modular building. A process that saves time and produces structures adapted to the needs of our customers.

Composed of an aluminium profile frame and a high-strength polyester technical membrane cover, each component of the structure is calculated to meet the geographic and climatic requirements of the installation site. We design our buildings according to the NV65 standards that establish the effects of snow and wind on buildings, or according to the Eurocodes, European standards of design and justification of structures.

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Discover the Spaciotempo advantages

Spaciotempo is a French company and major player in the demountable building market in France and Europe. One of our particularities is that we control the entire value chain: structural design, production, assembly and building of the structure.

  • Versatile and expandable construction

In addition to being modular and demountable, our buildings can be configured and equipped according to your needs: area, type of roof, soundproofing, pedestrian access, cladding, lighting, etc.

The construction process we use allows our buildings to accommodate a wide range of equipment, making the Neivalu range a solution for all business sectors.

In addition, most of the components of our modular buildings are standardised, which allows the rapid expansion or reduction of our buildings and a rapid adaptation of the exploitable surface.

  • A multiple use building

Do you want to use your flexible building in another location on your site? Our anchoring system with floor plates does not damage your platform. You can move it to another part of your site for purposes other than the initial one.

The disassembly process is carried out by our teams. They move your structure to the new dedicated space and completely rebuild it. Your modular building is sufficiently robust to be located for years in different environments.

If you have a particular need or want to know more about the different Spaciotempo buildings, do not hesitate to call us on 00 33 3 22 51 51 51 or click here.