Manufacturing plant

French industrial manufacturer

Spaciotempo, a French company based in Picardy, has a surface area of over 10,000 m² dedicated to the manufacture of products. 

Our production team, with more than 40 employees, and our production platform with an annual capacity of 400,000m², allow us to perfectly control the machining of our profiles.

We manufacture all our products ourselves, and ensure that the frame is correctly sized according to our design office's calculations. This enables us to offer customized solutions to your project, as close as possible to your needs.


Serving your projects

We manufacture all our products and are guarantors of the proper design of the frame according to the calculations of our design office. We can offer tailor-made solutions for your project that more closely fit your needs.

One of the strong points of Spaciotempo is its control of the entire value chain: the design of structures (structural design and calculation) then the production, assembly and finally the erection of the structure, which allows us to guarantee implementation times and quality of service. 

  • Our 10-person design office and the purchasing department coordinate on each project, upstream of its production

  • The factory directly produces the buildings designed internally: we produce what we design, and we control what we produce.

  • This is one of our major assets: the in-house manufacturing allows us to differentiate ourselves and respond to the specific requests of our customers, whether for sales or rentals.

Management of rental material

Our factory allows us to manufacture new building projects for purchase, and it also ensures the supply of our stock which is made available to our customers under a rental contract.

Before its reintegration into stock, rental equipment is systematically and rigorously checked, sorted and cleaned.

We have a set of latest generation machines specialised in the cleaning of equipment returned after rental.

Automating the washing of our construction elements means we can offer items that are always in perfect condition. Our roof washing machine for example diffuses a wax that makes them flexible and whiter, and prolongs their life.