• Distribution

Goods collection area


Technical characteristics

  • Neivalu building
  • Clear span: 20m
  • Length: 60m
  • Side height: 5m

For one of its stores, our client called on our teams to create an easy-to-access goods collection area.

A major player in the distribution of DIY materials in France, our client expressed a need for storage space facilitating access to both customers and employees of the company.

We proposed a building of the Neivalu range with 20m free span and 60m long. And to allow customers access to the interior of the building, we were obliged to remove some of the posts.

Thanks to our knowledge and our integrated design office, we responded quickly and efficiently to our client's request by integrating 10m support beams, to compensate for the removed posts.

The construction phase of the project lasted one week and provided a turnkey building that perfectly meets the specifications of our client.