Security for both goods and personnel

The Neivalu removable building has been designed so that you can cover over your supplies or create either temporary or permanent production or maintenance spaces, with similar performance regarding the resistance of the structure as is achieved with traditional construction.

The resistance of the Neivalu framework is calculated in accordance with standards relating to the exposure to snow and wind in your respective region (NV65 as amended in 2009 / AFNOR NFP003.001). Unlike with a storage marqueee whereby its use is only possible if the climatic conditions permit it (Cf. CTS regulation), your Neivalu removable building can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rapid construction

So you are experiencing a seasonal peak in business, or perhaps you have been hit by a regulatory change or have suffered industrial damage. Adjusting your storage, production or maintenance space within a very short period of time is essential.

The Neivalu industrial building allows you to build a structure spanning up to 1000 m² on your production site, in just 5 days. Much more than just a storage hangar, the Neivalu structure has been developed with the aim of enabling industrial companies to adjust their resources with regard to enclosed spaces in keeping with the level of business the company is experiencing, and within a reduced period of time.

Modular and flexible use

So you want to extend your current storage building or to relocate your Neivalu removable building in order to optimise your material flow.

The construction process upon which Neivalu relies allows you to adapt your storage or production spaces in keeping with fluctuations in your business, within a short space in time. More than just a storage hangar, the Neivalu removable building has been developed to meet the requirements of industrial companies when it comes to being responsive.


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Storage: optimise your warehousing costs

Big bags containing dry materials, cardboard, pallets loaded with merchandise etc. have to be covered…. The storage of your merchandise requires special treatment with regard to waterproofing, insulation, lighting... The Neivalu storage building, which is much more than a simple industrial hangar, has been developed to meet the requirements of industrial companies regarding storage on the ground or at height, for products as varied as cardboard, mechanical parts, wood...

With free span dimensions ranging from 5 to 40 m and at heights of 3 to 4 metres at the sides, the Neivalu allows you to cover your supplies over an area of several hundred or thousand square metres, on a temporary basis and in just a few days. 

Maintenance area : carry out your operations in complete safety

If you need to cover a maintenance area for one or more trains or subway carriages, you have to create a vehicle servicing and repair space or even house aeroplanes or helicopters in order to perform maintenance operations, then the Neivalu removable building is particularly well suited for this type of application.

Unlike a tent or marquee, the Neivalu industrial building complies with the NV 65 regulations, thus ensuring that the structure will be resistant to any adverse weather conditions in your region. The structure provides optimal safety for both operators and machinery.

The building is covered by a translucent membrane, on the one hand allowing employees to enjoy zenithal lighting while on the other hand reducing your electricity consumption.

With canopies for the repair area, and industrial opening of a considerable size, the Neivalu removable building has been designed to meet the requirements associated with your maintenance operations.

Production space: adjust your spaces based on the level of business coming through

If you want to cover a new production line, or perhaps expand your workshops following a surge in business, Neivalu allows you to add several hundred square metres in just a few days.

What's more, the removable nature of the structure means that the building can be hired for anywhere from 3 to 48 months. The financing solutions offered by Spaciotempo enable you on the one hand to avoid impacting your investment capacities, and on the other hand to be responsive in the adjustment of your production spaces based on the level of business flowing in.

If your business is subject to a specific regulatory framework with regard to the environment, hygiene and safety, the Neivalu removable building and its various equipment have been designed to meet the regulatory and normative requirements governing your profession.


Short to long-term rental: spreading of costs 

If you want to safeguard your finances and avoid impacting your investment capacities while developing your premises in line with the growth of your business, with rental terms for removable buildings ranging from 3 to 48 months Spaciotempo allows you to spread your costs.

The purchase of a removable building : modular and sustainable

As a manufacturer of removable buildings, Spaciotempo designs, produces, builds and distributes structures that are compliant with the NV 65 regulations, with a free span area measuring from 5 metres to 40 metres, and measuring from 3 to 8 metres in height at the lowest point.

Become the owner of your own building while continuing to benefit from the modular and flexible use of a Spaciotempo removable building, allowing you to adjust the dimensions and the level of equipment in your building based on the fluctuations within your business.


General description

The Neivalu removable building consists of an aluminium frame dimensioned in accordance with the NV 65 regulations and a double-sloping or curved roof.
The façades can be exposed or clad.
The free span area of the Neivalu removable building, which can be extended modularly at increments of 5 metres, measures from 5 to 40 metres
The height at the sides can range from a minimum of 3 metres to a maximum of 8.

Possible configurations


  • Build one or more Neivalu
  • Join two Neivalu together
  • Join a Neivalu removable building to your existing building
  • Build a canopy as an extension to the roof at the side or gable walls
  • Create an airlock joining two Neivalus or one Neivalu to an existing building


In order to meet your requirements with regard to the protection of your merchandise, a comfortable working environment, compliance with regulations and standards, the Neivalu removable building has been designed to accommodate a wide range of equipment and solutions with regard to :

  • Anchoring
  • Insulation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Industrial access
  • External carpentry work
  • Waterproofing
  • Electricity


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