• Industry & Logistics

An adapted storage building for this new customer


Technical characteristics

  • Neivalu-type building 
  • Clear span: 25m  
  • Length: 50m 
  • Side height: 5m  
  • 5m truncation at end of building
  • 1225 m² of storage space

To maximize its covered storage capacity and optimize its logistics flow, this customer called on Spaciotempo to install a new demountable building.

A substantial need for covered storage  

This company, acting primarily as a carrier, is increasingly developing its logistics business to meet the needs of its own customers. With the flow of goods increasing considerably by the day, it was necessary to find a way of protecting them from the elements, while optimizing their entry and exit.  

The company had available space on its site and needed it quickly, so it called on Spaciotempo to install an initial Neivalu-type industrial building on an unused site. The site is located within easy reach of heavy goods traffic lanes, to facilitate access and loading of stored goods.  

A building adapted to the customer's site

The selected installation site therefore enabled the construction of a storage shed with a clear span of 25m, a length of 50m, and a side height of 5m, i.e. 1250m² of covered storage space. However, during the project definition phase, it was noted that a building of this size could pose a problem on the path of heavy vehicles.  

Indeed, being so close to traffic lanes, the probability of accidents is high if the building is not adapted. In order to keep as much of the storage area as possible, while ensuring the safety of the project, it was decided to cut the hangar back by 5m in a corner. In doing so, the space outside for trucks to turn around the building without risk of snagging was preserved. As a result, the customer only lost 25m² of warehouse space, while still benefiting from covered storage optimized to his needs.

The truncation of a building of this type is a technique Spaciotempo has always mastered. It is used regularly to optimize the solutions we offer our customers.

A delighted customer  

Spaciotempo's teams erected the hangar quickly and on schedule, and the customer was able to take possession of the building for his business. Coactivity during assembly posed no problem, so the customer was able to keep his teams working as normal while the hangar was being built.

Very satisfied with the solution and the possibilities it offered in terms of layout and modularity, the customer subsequently had 4 other demountable industrial buildings installed, for a total of 1,650m² of additional covered area, i.e. 2,875m² of Spaciotempo storage sheds on this site alone. The year 2024 will not be outdone, as the company has decided to equip another of its sites in the same way.

Another great success for all the Spaciotempo teams!