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Notre-Dame de Paris: Spaciotempo at the service of restoration


Technical characteristics

  • 2 adjoining Neivalu buildings
  • Clear span: 15m and 5m
  • Length: 35m and 10m
  • Side height: 5m
  • Covered workshop

After the fire in 2019 of this majestic edifice, a symbol of France throughout the world, the time has come for its restoration. Spaciotempo was asked by OSB, the company that won the tender launched by the public institution Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris, the project owner, to install a temporary sculpture studio on the cathedral's forecourt.

Since autumn 2022, this unique facility has enabled teams of sculptors to work simultaneously in safety, as close as possible to the cathedral.

A covered workshop for sculptors

Numerous trades and skills are involved in the rebirth of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

Among them, stone sculptors play an important role.

The purpose of setting up and equipping the sculptors' loggias on the forecourt is to restore or recreate statues and modillions.

To this end, Spaciotempo was commissioned to work as a subcontractor to OSB (Office de Services en Bâtiment). The project consists of an overall building, made up of 2 adjoining Neivalu buildings, one of which is single-sloped.

Demountable buildings at the foot of Notre-Dame

The installation of demountable buildings in front of the cathedral required some planning work. At the outset of the project, it was decided to pour a concrete slab to anchor the building to the ground and form a working slab.

Once the slab was dry, the company's fitters moved in to construct the 2 buildings. The first, a Neivalu 15m wide, 30m long and 5m high, provided the sculptors' workshop with a total surface area of 450m².  Ten workstations with suction systems for the dust created by stone cutting and polishing, and hydraulic systems for operating mobile suction arms (useful for concentrating suction on a precise spot) were installed.

An overhead crane was also installed to move the sculptures. To enable craftsmen to work in natural light, glass frames were installed on all walls.

The second building, a single-slope Neivalu, 5m wide, 10m long and 5m high, adjoins the first and serves mainly as a technical room, housing the heating and ventilation systems.

As for the roofs of these buildings, they are made of overpressed membranes to guarantee maximum comfort for the craftsmen working in them. In fact, these membranes allow natural light to pass through, providing visual comfort. Thermal insulation is also much improved, thanks to the air, a natural insulator, contained between the membranes. Last but not least, wind-induced vibrations are neutralized, ensuring sound comfort.

In all, 500m² of covered workshop space was made available to the site by the client, right in the heart of Paris. Spaciotempo is delighted to be able to make its contribution!