• Industry & Logistics

Industrial storage designed to be moved


Technical characteristics

  • Neivalu-type building
  • Clear span: 20m
  • Length: 68m
  • Side height: 6m 
  • 16m clear openings on each gable end
  • 1360m² of storage space

We're talking about a recently completed project that embodies Spaciotempo's DNA : flexibility !

An emergency storage building  

An industrial customer in the French Alps, a manufacturer of timber frames, was experiencing storage problems due to late withdrawals by its customers. As his products could not be left unprotected, the customer needed a quick solution to store them.

With this in mind, he called on Spaciotempo and agreed with our sales consultant to install a tunnel-type building covering almost 1400m² of free space. With a span of 20m, a length of 68m, a side height of 6m, and clear openings of 16m on each gable, vehicle maneuvering is simplified.    

As the need was urgent, the customer requested a delivery time of just a few weeks. Spaciotempo met this deadline, including dimensioning calculations, production, delivery and installation. We'd like to underline the exemplary work of the fitters, who had to work under very difficult assembly conditions, and yet produced a flawless copy. These are quite common timescales for aluminium frame buildings, unlike the many quarters, or even years, required for the construction of a traditional storage platform.

A hangar for several sites

In addition to the urgency of the project, there is of course another special feature. It was designed to be moved to another company location in 3 to 5 years' time! That's why it is 68m long, as the building permit for the second site sets the maximum length at this level.  

As Spaciotempo buildings are completely modular, the tunnel configuration will be abandoned in favor of a more traditional closed hangar configuration, in order to meet another customer objective. It will therefore be enclosed on the 2 gables, with an 8m opening on one longpan.

Similarly, the geographical location of the second site, at a higher altitude and therefore more at risk from snow, was taken into account by the Design Office in order to correctly dimension it to the building-rules standards.

A long-term investment

Because of its multiple purposes and specific length, the building was not leased but purchased by the customer, and therefore functions as a long-term investment. It is designed for 2 sites, but can easily be relocated and modulated again in a decade or more, depending on the company's new needs.  

In all, 1360m² of turnkey covered storage space has been made available to the customer.

We look forward to seeing you here in a few years' time, when this building will be back on its new site!