Spaciotempo temporary building intended for use within the distribution sector

The rental of a professional marquee, a temporary store or an indoor market, or the purchase of a Spaciotempo storage warehouse means that you benefit from a temporary or permanent building with a reduced construction time. Modular, aesthetically pleasing and compliant with the safety standards regarding establishments that are open to the public (Etablissements Recevant du Public, ERP), Spaciotempo removable buildings have been designed with the aim of making your enclosed space a driver for the growth of your turnover.

Location structure métallique

So your store has been partially or entirely destroyed or you want to carry out renovation work without losing your catchment area. Much more than just a professional marquee, Spaciotempo can build super or hypermarkets on your site, with lead times that are two to four times less that those when using traditional construction methods. The translucent quality of the membrane, the lighting, the heating and compliance with ERP-related (Etablissements recevant du public = establishments that are open to the public) safety standards make your temporary store a sales space that enables you to maintain your business and preserve your turnover.

Location marché couvert

So your retail centre or complex in undergoing renovation or you wish to set up an indoor market.The rental of a dismantle building by Spaciotempo means that you can benefit from a space that is tailored to facilitate the work carried out by stall-holders and the comfort of your customers. The translucent property of the membrane provides zenithal lighting, making your venue feel light and airy. The indoor markets by Spaciotempo have been developed with the aim of optimising the total usable space, thus enabling you to create wide pathways, perfect for accommodating pushchairs or wheelchairs in the case of persons with restricted mobility. 

Entrepôt stockage

So you want to increase your storage capacities in preparation for a major increase in demand or a spike in business.The rental of a storage building by Spaciotempo allows you to manage your costs based on the level of business you are doing, on account of how quick the structure can be built. The storage buildings by Spaciotempo allow you to protect your products from the elements, to maintain a specific temperature for the preservation of your fresh products or even to shelter your stock from ultraviolet radiation.

Chapiteau professionnel

So you want to increase your share in the market by creating a retail space in your car park.Hiring a professional marquee or instant shelter by Spaciotempo enables you to install a temporary structure that doesn't require heavy foundations, which thus results in a reduced installation time. The professional marquees by Spaciotempo are particularly well-suited for hosting customers : lighting, installation of flooring, protection against pests, optimised usable space etc. The rental of a removable marquee by Spaciotempo contributes to boosting your sales on account of the quality and the aesthetics of the materials used.

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  • Location structure métallique
    Temporary shop or indoor market following an accident or during the renovation of your building. Ease of use and safe for your customers. Logistics platform rental or purchase: goods inspection area, loading dock…
  • Chapiteau professionnel
    Professional marquee rental with a view to creating a retail space in your car park. Certified structures and rapid assembly. A wide range of equipment: flooring, lighting, steel clad façades,… The option to create a temporary storage area.


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