Spaciotempo Storage Area

Whether the purchase of a warehouse or the rental of a storage building, Spaciotempo is developing constructive solutions that are dedicated to major retailers.

In addition to your storage area, you may wish to rent or purchase an additional reserve storage space. The storage warehouses by Spaciotempo have been designed with a view to enabling you to create an area for the processing of incoming and outgoing merchandise and a storage area.

Ranging from 5 to 40 square metres of clear-span space, a storage building by Spaciotempo allows you to create unloading bays, spaces for the inspection and receipt of goods, areas for the storage, preparation and consolidation of orders and areas for stock that is pending shipment. 

Various solutions in the area of the optimisation of the usable space in your warehouse and with regard to insulation, the prevention of condensation and lighting will enable you to create two-way aisles and to plan shelving adapted for the preparation and packaging of stored products.

Adapted to meet the challenges faced by major retailers, the construction of a storage building will enable you to receive, dispatch and store your products safely.
The storage warehouse are compliant with the standards in force regarding resistance to any adverse climate conditions in your region.

The construction process utilised by Spaciotempo allows you, depending on your soil characteristics, to opt for a simplified foundation system, which means that you can be reaping the benefits of a reserve storage area within a reduced period of time.

Temperature-regulated storage area

Entrepôt stockage

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Creation of a warehouse

Bâtiment de stockage modulable

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Our products Storage area

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